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Issue 38931002: stock: Complete Inventory button creates lines for inactive products

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2 weeks ago by albert
1 week, 1 day ago
pokoli, ced, reviewbot


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Patch Set 2 : Remove active check for products #

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2 weeks ago (2017-11-10 23:57:37 UTC) #1
flake8 OK URL:
2 weeks ago (2017-11-10 23:58:55 UTC) #2
2 weeks ago (2017-11-11 00:01:40 UTC) #3
flake8 OK URL:
2 weeks ago (2017-11-11 00:31:53 UTC) #4
pokoli File (right): if not (line.product.type == 'goods' Indeed, I think it's ...
1 week, 4 days ago (2017-11-13 08:22:12 UTC) #5
Missing issue_id on description
1 week, 4 days ago (2017-11-13 08:23:05 UTC) #6
1 week, 1 day ago (2017-11-16 10:06:18 UTC) #7
I find the title not descriptive.
I would go with something like: "Do not delete line of in active product"
And a description which explains that the inventory fill first with inactive
File (right): if not (line.product.type == 'goods'
On 2017/11/13 08:22:12, pokoli wrote:
> Indeed, I think it's easier to read without not conditions and using or
> operator. 

This is a fix. So I would prefer to keep it minimal to ease the backport. Later
you can prose a rewrite of the code if you want.
> But as there is a domain that ensures that the product is of type good and not
> consumable, I think that we can remove this code.

The idea is to not raise an exception if the product type has changed between
two steps of the inventory. This can happen if the product has no move in the
stock but was manually set for inventory (by mistake).
So I'm in favor of keeping it.
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