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Issue 439791003: account_payment_sepa: Validate signature date

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1 year ago by nicoe
1 year ago
ced, reviewbot


account_payment_sepa: Validate signature date issue11897

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1 year ago (2022-11-18 18:17:34 UTC) #1
patch is not applicable URL:
1 year ago (2022-11-18 18:19:29 UTC) #2
1 year ago (2022-11-18 18:37:06 UTC) #3
File modules/account_payment_sepa/message.xml (right):
modules/account_payment_sepa/message.xml:31: <field name="text">The mandate
"%(mandate)s" is using a signature date in the future.</field>
For me "is using" is not correct because it is a not an event but it is a fact
so it should be  like for stock "The mandate has a signature date in the
File modules/account_payment_sepa/ (right):
cls._validate_signature_date(records, field_names)
As this is a temporal condition, for me it is better to enforce it only on
validated transition.
modules/account_payment_sepa/ raise_warning = user_id == 0 or
account_group in user.groups
Finally I'm wondering if using a warning for everyone is not simpler. This is
not that much critical.
modules/account_payment_sepa/ tomorrow = +
Should compute today with the mandate company in the context.
modules/account_payment_sepa/ for mandate in records:
I think it is better to make a unique warning for all the records.
modules/account_payment_sepa/ warning_name = '%s.signature_date'
% mandate
Use Warning.format
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